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The posts below include examples and practices which combine the rich query and data management capabilities of Kusto (Azure Data Explorer). They will provide you with real-life best practices and methodologies, which have all been repeatedly proven in large-scale production environments, and will help you make sure you make the most out of your Kusto cluster.

Who am I, and why do I blog?


Data Ingestion & Management

Wait, let’s start over - what is Kusto (Azure Data Explorer)?

Haven’t seen it in action yet?

Why not start off with a couple of videos:

Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, September 2018

Techorama, The Netherlands, October 2018

//build, Seattle, May 2019

Read more about it

There’s lots to learn and read about. I’d recommend starting with the following links:

General availability announcement (February 2019)

Public preview announcement (September 2018)

Official documentation

Other things I think you should know

Highlights from Kusto (Azure Data Explorer) documentation

Who am I, and why do I blog?

I’m a software engineer, fortunate and humbled to have the opportunity of being part of an amazing team, who is hard at work building an amazing Big Data platform.

I’ve closely witnessed how transformative and addictive (in a good way), this technology has become in the lives of tens of thousands of people of all disciplines in our company, for our partners, and among our customers - companies at any scale.

They (and ourselves) are using it on a regular day-to-day basis, either for ad-hoc research and investigations, or as part of high volume & high frequency automated flows.

I’m sure others can leverage it in both similar and new manners, to transform their day to day work, enrich their (Big-)data-driven decision-making processes, build new and exciting products and services on top of it, and perhaps most of all - enjoy a technology which makes all the above both fun, as well as simple.

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