The posts below include examples and practices which combine the rich query and data management capabilities of Kusto (Azure Data Explorer). They will provide you with real-life best practices and methodologies, which have all been repeatedly proven in large-scale production environments, and will help you make sure you make the most out of your Kusto cluster.


Data Ingestion & Management

Wait, let’s start over - what is Kusto (Azure Data Explorer)?

Haven’t seen it in action yet?

Why not start off with a couple of videos:

Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, September 2018

Techorama, The Netherlands, October 2018

Microsoft //build, Seattle, May 2019

Customer stories

Read more about it

There’s lots to learn and read about. I’d recommend starting with the following links:

General availability announcement (February 2019)

Public preview announcement (September 2018)

Official documentation

StackOverflow questions

Other things I think you should know

Highlights from Kusto (Azure Data Explorer) documentation